August 24, 2016

a few of my favorite things | secondhand books

Look what I found this summer!

One of my favorite things to do is to look for books at Guy's Frenchys.

Over and over, I have uncovered secondhand treasures for my home and classroom.

August 23, 2016

Slice of Life | Hummingbird

It was a quiet, sunny afternoon when I sat down on the steps of the front porch.

I opened my book and then heard a whirring sound.

I often hear that sound as we have a hummingbird feeder hanging on the porch.

But this time, I heard the sound above my head.

I felt the whir.

It wasn't for a second.

It was longer.

A hummingbird was so close that I wondered if it was going to land on my head.

I don't know if I was in shock from fear or joy!

As soon as the moment passed, I called out to Ethan who was just inside the screen door. 

"Ethan, Ethan, Ethan!"

He didn't really get my enthusiasm and thought I was crazy that it even happened!

As I sat there, I wondered what was the hummingbird's purpose in getting so close.

What was he trying to tell me?

Maybe he was saying thank you or telling me to change the sugar water again.

August 18, 2016

Thursday's Quote | Small Thing

I always thought being brave was for grown-up heroes doing big, daring deeds.
But mama says that sometimes courage is just an ordinary boy
like me doing a small thing, as small as picking up a pencil.
- Deborah Hopkinson, Steamboat School

August 16, 2016

Slice of Life | Bandanna

a large handkerchief, typically having a colorful pattern, worn around the head or neck
I was looking through old photos to inspire me to write something. I have drafts started about moments over the summer, but haven't finished them. I saw this photo and remembered how Kim and I went to our first 2v2 grass tournament in Connecticut with Jim Berger and his partner. Great fun and we both won our divisions!

Wearing a bandanna or headband was easy and I still do it around the house sometimes when I'm cleaning. I laughed when I saw this photo, because I think this is the same bandanna that Annie has started wearing! She got her hair cut shorter this summer and is wearing it down more. One day she pulled out a bandanna as she headed to work at Lyon's Country Store. I think this is it! I didn't realize I had it that long!


our prizes


August 11, 2016

Thursday's Quote | Love of Books

There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world.
Love of books is the best of all.
- Jacqueline Kennedy

August 9, 2016

Slice of Life | Our Hedge Named Steve

In the book, Our Tree Named Steve by Alan Zweibel, a family saves a tree from being removed when building their home. The story shares tales of how important the tree becomes to them over the years.

We have a Steve, but our Steve is a hedge.

When we bought our little house on the Ridge, one of the first things I thought we would do was take down the hedge in front of the house. It was an eyesore, but when my aunt came to see the house during renovations, she noticed that it hid the neighbor's work piles across the road. We kept it.

We've been here twenty years and the hedge has become important to us.

It has given us privacy.

It has given our children safety from the road while they grew up.

It has been a soccer ball stopper since Jim built a net.

It has been a home for wildlife

   It isn't pretty.

         It grows too fast.

               It usually looks straggly.

When Jim needed to cut branches off the tree beside it, it looked even worse and I wondered if it should come down.

But we are keeping our Steve. He worked his way into our lives.


A reading of the book by Lisette Andreani...

August 7, 2016

Sunday's Photograph | Little Free Library

Port Greville, Nova Scotia

As Lisa and I were driving along, we noticed the sign. So exciting!
What a beautiful place for a library!

August 6, 2016

Celebrate | Smaller

At a routine eye exam in 2014, a spot was noticed on Jim's eye. For two years, we have traveled to Dr. Lakosha in Halifax every six months. We are thankful for his excellent care and that he sent Jim to Toronto's Princess Margaret for a second opinion. It was ocular melanoma and Jim went through surgery in October.

On Tuesday, we traveled to Halifax again. We were told it can take up to a year to see any changes after radiation. In February, which was three months after the eye plaque surgery in Toronto, the tumor size was the same. We received even better news this week! The tumor is smaller! Originally, it was 4.3 mm and it is now 3.4. Jim was also told there is no sign of radiation damage on the eye. We are beyond grateful!

Thank You, God, for taking care of Jim.

See you in six months, Halifax!


Finding joy in the little and big moments of life!

August 4, 2016

Thursday's Quote | In Front of Them

You need to write in front of your students and
you need to revise in front of your students.
- Kelly Gallagher

August 2, 2016

a few of my favorite things | our family journal

When the kids were little, I had three different albums and three different baby books. As time went on, it was harder and harder to keep up! I decided, if I was going to get anything down, I would need to just write for all three in one plain journal. Over the years, I have tried to capture sweet words, funny words, little accomplishments, big accomplishments, comments from others, prayers they shared, dreams they have, and so on. Sometimes I write in sentences. Sometimes I jot. Sometimes I'm neat. Sometimes I'm messy. I'm writing and trying to save memories. With Slices of Life, I've noticed that I write more on here than in the journal now, but I know the kids will read through these "pages" of memories as well someday.

Here are some snippets:

March 2000
Annie likes to play music on the dryer door. She runs her fingers up and down on the holes and sings as she does it.

July 2002
At Beulah, Annie (4) saw her dress on the bed and she said, "Yay! I've been waiting to go to church all week!"

October 2002
Annie asked me to"pray right now that I'll be brave on the McDonalds slide next time".

July 2003
Beulah - The girls went swimming in their little pool after they had been to a baptism service. When Annie was spraying Eliza with the hose, Eliza said, "Am I done being baptized yet?"

April 2005
Mommy: Eliza, did you hit Ethan?
Eliza: I hit him gently.

January 2007
Kids are tucked in and I'm sitting at the desk in the hallway while they fall asleep.
Ethan: Mommy?
Ethan: That was a big day.

December 2007
Today was Annie's turn to be the the Student of the Day. She had to take something special. She chose her Bible and took it to school.

June 2008
Ask Daddy! He's the smart one. - Ethan

August 2011
After telling me that I didn't make the cheese bread like Mammie, I jokingly said, "I know! I know! Mammnie does everything right!"
Ethan: Duh! She's mammie!


Some more from our family journal pages...

...and there are additional ones tucked in other slices.